Coffee time is a great time when you enjoy the real social moments in a company with friends, family, and coworkers. Let Saphina catering take care of your coffee and tea for your event.
For almost 2 decades we've been bringing the best chocolate experience to our customers with our standard 55%, 64% and 72% real cocoa chocolate. Now is the time to bring you the best COFFEE experience. 
Unlimited Brew Station Service
•Unlimited Coffee Time!
•Professional Set-up
•Coffee Condiments 
•Custom Options
•Next Day/Same Night dismantle and removal 
•$100 Set up fee is due upon arrival
Water- We use only natural spring water for great-tasting coffee. Coffee made with natural spring water, always tastes better. We make sure that the water that goes into our coffee is pure and great-tasting
Equipment- All our equipment including water tanks and burr grinders are BPA FREE. We ensure your drink is completely healthy.
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